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The Story

In 2008 ForgottenSong founder, Charles Davidson started traveling to war-torn countries to find what was being done to empower women and children during and after violent conflict. After living in and traveling to Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda, Colombia and several other countries, Charles found that while non-profits attempt tasks in war-zones, they are few and far between and rarely sustainable. ForgottenSong was founded on the notion that women and children who live in a country at war or recovering from war need the opportunity to become self-sustainable.


"To identify and eradicate causes for human suffering among the disenfranchised population of war-torn societies through education, vocation and meeting physical needs."


"To develop self-sustainable projects that will accomplish our mission in war torn regions of the world, and to assist in the betterment of existing projects through partnerships with proven and sustainable organizations."

Charles Davidson

Charles Davidson// Director

Charles Davidson graduated from high school in 2003 and went on to the University of Arkansas graduating with a degree in International Relations. He has spent the majority of his life since then traveling to and living in war-torn countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Uganda and Lebanon. From these experiences, he gained his passion in the social and economic development of war-torn countries that provide a new beginning for women and children. His lovely wife, Abby joined him in 2010 and they now continue in the pursuit of Forgottensong's goals as a couple.
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Lauren Blanco

Lauren Blanco// International Development

Lauren is a newly wedded wife and has just moved to Springfield, Missouri after graduating from the University of Arkansas in May of 2012. She earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and French, which has cultivated in her a passion for people, cultures and languages. Lauren has traveled abroad to various countries in Europe, including a semester studying in Montpellier, France, and has done projects in Haiti and more recently, Uganda. She is pursuing her dream to sustainably improve developing communities across the world by working with ForgottenSong.
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Nakisha Snell

Nakisha Snell// Events Coordinator

Nakisha Snell graduated from high school in 2006. She went on to attend Alcorn State University where she graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2010. Her passion is to serve the community and help people identify and develop their purpose. Her goal is to raise awareness domestically of the plight of women and children in war torn nations.
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ForgottenSong is an international organization based in Fayetteville, Arkansas working to sustainably improve the lives of women and children in war-torn countries. Forgottensong staff, volunteers and international partners work with the local population of war-torn countries to establish business initiatives that are financially self-sustainable, easily reproducible and that function to change the destinies of widows, orphans and refugees whose lives have been impacted by the violence that surrounds them. ForgottenSong works in countries around the world that have experienced war or violent conflict in the past 10 years.

Innovation in Current and Post-War Community Response

So much of what has gone into developing the mission and vision of Forgottensong is centered on learning from past work done in war-torn countries both during and after a conflict. Three unmovable standards that Forgottensong upholds are:

1. Native planning, implementation and leadership of new projects
2. Self-sustainability and reproducibility with limited reliance on continued foreign investment
after project establishment
3. Connecting the American people and the rest of the world with the people of war-torn
countries though education and interaction to tear down stereotypes of war-torn people

What We’re Doing Now

ForgottenSong strives to restore victims of war-torn countries to a place of self-reliance, dignity and a hope for a future without the “inevitable” repercussions of war. We do so with a goal of minimum foreign investment and with goals of economic innovation to provide the victims of war with an outlet for development that may not have been there even before the conflict began.

We have established projects or done research in Iraq, Uganda, Colombia, Afghanistan and Lebanon.  As of August 2012, we established a preschool in Dohuk, Iraq that influences some of the hardest hit communities through early childhood education and development.  In December of 2012 we established our first chicken farm in Uganda, and we look forward to seeing them greatly multiply in years to come.  

By impacting the young generations across the world, ForgottenSong hopes to break the cycle of violence, intolerance and hopelessness that has been so prevalent in the lives of war-torn victims.  Through holistic projects that address the needs of local populations, we enable mothers, children & families.  Our projects aim to provide a solution to the cycle of poverty and joblessness.  We seek the transformation of families for generations to come.

Are you listening?
Our job is to search out the forgotten songs in the world.  Come, listen with us.  Help us reach those that are crying out for rescue.


Religion that is pure and undefiled is this: to look after widows and orphans in their distress.

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