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"Angels of Dohuk": A childhood education center
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Our goal is to empower people and communities in war-torn countries to implement leadership, business and management skills that will propel their communities out of the cycle of poverty & conflict.


Forgottensong establishes projects that are completely financially self-sustainable and are inherently designed to multiply across each region. This ensures movement for these communities towards less dependence on foreign aid.


We strive to tell the stories of human resilience and empower people and communities in war-torn countries around the world.


Named "The Angels of Dohuk," our self-sustaining early childhood education center provides single mothers and refugee families with subsidized childcare so that the women are able to pursue gainful employment with excellent childcare...all without a continued foreign dependence of any kind.

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Building a system of self-sustainable, reproducible chicken farms in Uganda to empower orphanages and similar organizations to become self-sustainable while simultaneously improving the local economy through job creation and increased economic productivity.

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