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The Poultry Project

The Vision

The goal of the Poultry Project is to establish a system of chicken farms across uganda that becomes a means of meeting health, educational and vocational needs.  Our funding of each chicken farm is in essence a microloan that is paid back into the community (rather than to the donor).  We plan to have 5 chicken farms by the end of 2013 that will multiply into an exponential amount of farms across Uganda & East Africa.

The Reality

As of December 2012, our first chicken farm was established at Blessed Hope Orphanage & Academy just outside of Kampala, Uganda.  This first farm has already doubled in size, holding 1,000 chickens!  The farm provides a healthy and steady diet of protein to 380 orphans, and seeks to grow into a farm of 2,000 chickens.  Our second and third farms have also begun thanks to the fundraising efforts of Tri for Febby participants Grace Adams & Brett Witcher.  The second farm is already producing 30 eggs a day with 300 chickens and expects 500 new chicks within the next month.

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Our Goals & Strategy

The goals of this project begin with establishing a poultry farm to provide food for a single partnering organization (orphanage) and expand to influence the country of Uganda as a whole. This is accomplished through a micro-grant process unique to the vision of ForgottenSong, which is based on the idea of a micro-loan, but differs in that the resources are “paid forward” to start additional, similar projects instead of “paid back” to the initial donor. This enables the local community to become the source of the multiplication process, organically maintaining the objective of boosting the local economy, empowering Ugandans, and providing a source of protein for various orphanages and similar organizations.

These goals include:

  • An initial poultry farm project investment with a partnering organization in Uganda
  • A multiplication process via contractual micro-grants to further partnering organizations
  • Job creation and skills training through the poultry farms
  • Education & hands-on skills training through poultry farming for students at orphanages & neighboring communities

The Strategy

ForgottenSong seeks to the meet the needs of victims of war in a way that is specific to their culture & their immediate needs.  This is why we maintain an accountability standard to ensure progress & success.  Each standard is developed based on the specific region, its needs & our partnership capabilities. 

We first identify the problems we encounter in each country, then implement a well organized and thoroughly planned project.  Lastly we assess the results to see if they meet up with our expectations.  If our expectations are not met, our goal is to work with the locals & donors on the best way to move forward, improve & make our project the most effective.

The following chart is our method of measuring the Ugandan Poultry Project.


The Project's Beginnings & Key to Success

The director of Blessed Hope Orphanage and Academy, Mr. Joel Bukenya of Kampala, Uganda has embodied the hope for our success in our international partnerships.  Before any of the goals of ForgottenSong were revealed to Mr. Bukenya, he presented ForgottenSong with a nearly identical plan based on multiplication and empowerment rather than on dependency and “hand-outs.”  His vision is for Uganda as a whole, not just for his organization or for his own orphanage.  It is imperative that our international partners share a mutual holistic vision with ForgottenSong in order to ensure success & dedication to see each project through. 

The Initial Investment & Current Success

Mr. Bukenya and his partners already have a thorough understanding of successful poultry production through years of experience.  An extensive layout of cost/benefit analysis and production requirements for a successful Ugandan poultry farm was furnished upon request to ForgottenSong by Mr. Bukenya, but American experts in the field have been & will continue to be consulted in order to ensure an excellent project format.  This is our first year of poultry farm production, and we look forward to honing & developing our successful farming model that can be reproduced & impactful in 2013.  

ForgottenSong's initial investment provided a sustainable source of protein (500 chicks) for 380 children at Blessed Hope Orphanage & Academy (BHOA).  In April 2013, the first 500 chicks fully developed and provided sustenace for the orphans & staff.  With the proceeds from sales of eggs & roosters, BHOA has purchased another 500 chicks.  BHOA & ForgottenSong are working collaboratively to develop a poultry farming curriculum to provide skills training for the children & job creation for the local community.


The initial chicken farm serves not only as a source of protein for Blessed Hope Orphanage and Academy, but it is also be a source of income through product sales in local markets as well as product export. This standard will continue with future micro-grant beneficiaries.

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